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Welcome to Sai Fertility Centre and Hospital, a healthcare hub renowned for its commitment to comprehensive healthcare services. As the Best Hospital for Surgery in Chengalpattu, we take pride in offering a diverse array of surgical services under the expert guidance of our skilled surgeons, recognized as the Best Surgeons in Chengalpattu.

At Sai Fertility Centre and Hospital, we understand the significance of surgical interventions and the impact they have on your well-being. Our team of accomplished surgeons is dedicated to providing exceptional care, making us the go-to destination for general surgery in Chengalpattu. Whether it's routine procedures or complex surgeries, we bring forth unmatched expertise and precision to ensure optimal outcomes.

Unmatched Expertise in General Surgery:

  • Gallbladder Surgery: Expert removal of the gallbladder to address gallstones and related conditions.
  • Appendectomy: Surgical removal of the appendix for cases of appendicitis.
  • Hernia Repair: Comprehensive hernia repair surgeries, ensuring lasting relief.
  • Thyroid Surgery:Surgical interventions for thyroid conditions, including nodules and tumours.
  • Breast Surgery: Diagnosis and treatment of breast conditions, including biopsies and tumour removal.
  • Colorectal Surgery:Specialised care for conditions affecting the colon and rectum.
  • Subspecialties in General Surgery:

    we bring forth unmatched expertise and precision to ensure optimal outcomes.

  • Minimally Invasive Surgery: Utilising advanced techniques to minimise incisions and enhance recovery.
  • Laparoscopic Surgery: Precision surgeries performed through small incisions for reduced discomfort.
  • Emergency General Surgery:Prompt and expert surgical interventions for urgent medical conditions.
  • Preparation and Recovery:

    At Sai Fertility Centre and Hospital, we prioritise your well-being from preparation to postoperative care. Our comprehensive approach includes:

  • Preoperative Evaluation: Thorough assessments to ensure you are prepared physically and mentally for the surgery.
  • Expert Surgical Interventions: Our skilled surgeons execute procedures with precision and care.
  • Postoperative Care: Dedicated nursing care and follow-up appointments to monitor recovery and address any concerns.
  • Rehabilitation Services: Supportive services for rehabilitation and recovery, ensuring a smooth transition post-surgery.
  • Affordable Surgery Packages and Insurance Coverage:

    Understanding the financial considerations associated with healthcare, we offer affordable surgery packages. Additionally, for those with insurance coverage, Sai Fertility Centre and Hospital provide convenient cashless treatment options, reinforcing our commitment to accessible and high-quality healthcare.

    Contact the Best Surgeon in Chengalpattu Today:

    Embark on your journey to optimal health with Sai Fertility Centre and Hospital, recognized as the Best Hospital for Surgery in Chengalpattu. Contact the Best Surgeon in Chengalpattu today by calling +91 9100096000.. Trust us to be your partners in health, ensuring a seamless and successful surgical experience tailored to your individual needs. Your well-being is our priority, and we are here to guide you every step of the way.

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    Our hospital offers a comprehensive range of general surgery services, including but not limited to appendectomy, hernia repair, gallbladder surgery, colorectal surgery, thyroidectomy, mastectomy, and various other procedures. Our team of experienced surgeons is dedicated to providing high-quality surgical care to our patients.

    You may consider undergoing general surgery for various reasons, such as the presence of a surgical condition like appendicitis, hernia, gallstones, or tumors requiring surgical removal, or if conservative treatments have not been effective in managing your condition. Our surgeons will evaluate your medical history and condition to determine if surgery is the appropriate treatment option for you.

    The recovery process after general surgery can vary depending on the type and complexity of the procedure performed. Our surgical team will provide you with detailed post-operative instructions, including information on wound care, pain management, dietary restrictions, activity level, and follow-up appointments. It's essential to follow these instructions carefully to ensure a smooth recovery and optimal outcomes.

    Coverage for general surgery may vary depending on your insurance provider and plan. Most surgical procedures deemed medically necessary are typically covered by insurance, but it's essential to check with your insurance provider regarding coverage specifics, including pre-authorization requirements and out-of-pocket costs. Our financial counselors can assist you in navigating insurance coverage and payment options.

    To schedule a consultation for general surgery at Sai Fertility Centre and Hospital, you can call our reception desk at 91000 96000 during operating hours. Our staff will assist you in setting up an appointment with one of our experienced surgeons at a convenient time.

    If you have general inquiries about general surgery services or need more information, you can contact Sai Fertility Centre and Hospital by phone during business hours at 91000 96000. Additionally, you can send us an email at, and our staff will be happy to assist you.