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General Medicine

General physicians are medical doctors who provide non- surgical healthcare to adult patients in many diseases affecting the body. They treat patients having conditions that affect the respiratory, cardiovascular, neurological, gastrointestinal, endocrine, digestive and haematological systems. They usually have regular patients and provide medical care to patients in all groups and to both male and female patients.

General physicians usually see patients in consulting rooms and in private clinics and also hospitalised patients. They have a broad range of knowledge and expertise in general medical conditions and are specially trained to diagnose patients with complex illnesses. Their training provides broad expertise for treatment of diseases affecting different body systems and to carry out various medical procedures. They are quite skilled to use diverse tests to investigate difficult diagnostic conditions, have a critical analysis of research reports and drug industries claims about new medicines and treatments. They carry out various tests like blood sugar level, ECG, blood pressure, urinalysis and x-rays, CT scan reports and in some rare cases biopsy or MRI scans.

General physicians have the unique combination of skill, knowledge and training that distinguishes them from other specialists and through their broad education deal with the entire medical problems of a patient and provide expert diagnosis through their logical and scientific approach. They are able to assess by clinical examination and simple observation and about current symptoms, their duration, onset, allergies, family history, tests done previously and choose drugs and other medical therapies to treat and prevent diseases and to care for patients as a whole and not a particular body system.

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