Best Multi Speciality hospital in Chengalpattu

About Sai Hospital

Sai Hospital located in Chengalpet is a complete multi-specialty hospital that deeply focuses on patients’ needs and to sustain a standard of quality and hygiene that is high. The hospital is well equipped with the latest and modern equipment supported by the proficiency of resident doctors, consultants, Para-medics and nurses.

To ensure you always stay healthy, our team of doctors join together to give you the best of healthcare that is modern.

Sai Hospital is a place where high standards are maintained.

Quality Standards

At Sai, our first and foremost responsibility is to provide supreme quality clinical care to all our patients. Our patients and their families are our first priority. We would like to deliver quality healthcare and ensure impartiality and compassion for people from any strata of the society. Creating awareness on healthcare in the society is one of our quality objectives. Sai Hospital is a place where high standards are met and maintained. We devote ourselves to endless improvement, professionalism, excellence and innovation. Through an unwavering commitment on the management’s part and with the support of all members of the medical, Paramedical and nursing team, quality can be achieved.

Perfect for your health

The welfare of our patients is our main priority and with all these state of art facilities and advanced technology, Sai hospital will be perfect to meet your health concerns. The patients will be treated with immense care and the doctors will provide the best healthcare advice and solution. Sai Hospital provides comprehensive medical services and world-class healthcare facilities in a cordial and reassuring ambience.


100% Satisfaction Guaranteed