General Surgery

What is general surgery?

The role of the General Surgical Department varies from hospital to hospital, but in broad terms general surgery can be said to deal with a wide range of conditions within the

  • Alimentary Tract (oesophagus and related organs)
  • Abdomen and its Contents
  • Breast, Skin and Soft Tissue
  • Endocrine System

In addition to this,general surgeons are expected to have knowledge and experience in:

  • Surgical Critical Care
  • Surgical Oncology
  • Trauma

General surgeons are trained to diagnose your problem and recommend the most appropriate treatment in coordination with your patient’s primary care physician. This may or may not include a recommendation of surgery.

Why Do Doctors Choose to Go into General Surgery?

General surgeons can be found practicing many types of surgery, and the broad-based nature of their education makes it possible for general surgeons to perform many procedures in the performance of their jobs.

A few might choose to go on to a specific specialty, while others enjoy the variety that makes up the day of a true general surgeon and practice a wide assortment of procedures.

General surgeons also have the flexibility to work in a variety of settings, with many different types of medical teams and patients.

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