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Cardiology is a branch of medicine that specializes in the disorder and medical conditions which aff...

General Surgery

The role of the General Surgical Department varies from hospital to hospital, but in broad terms gen...


Oncology is a branch of science, that deals with the study of cancer. A doctor who treats cancer and...


Urology is a branch of medicine that specializes in the treatment of conditions which involves ...


Orthopaedics is a branch of science that deals with the diseases and injury relating to the mus...


Dermatology is the study of the skin and its associated structures, including the hair, nails, ...

Welcome To Sai Multispeciality Hospital, Chengalpattu

Sai Hospitals located in Chengalpattu. This Multi Speciality hospital deeply focused on the patient's needs and provided quality treatment. It offers various treatment services like Cardiology, Oncology, Urology, Orthopaedics, Plastic Surgery, Otorhinolaryngologic [ ENT ], Paediatrics, Physiotherapy, Dermatology, Emergency Medicine, Nephrology, Neurology, Psychiatry, General Surgery.

About Sai Hospital

Sai Hospitals located in Chengalpet is a complete multi-specialty hospital that deeply focuses on patients’ needs and to sustain a standard of quality and hygiene that is high. The hospital is well equipped with the latest and modern equipment supported by the proficiency of resident doctors, consultants, Para-medics and nurses.

To ensure you always stay healthy, our team of doctors join together to give you the best of healthcare that is modern. When we join together we can accomplish the task of having a disease free life. At Sai, our first and foremost responsibility is to provide supreme quality clinical care to all our patients.

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Perfect for your health

With all these state of art facilities and advanced technology, this hospital will be perfect to meet your health concerns. The patients will be treated with the utmost care and the doctorswill provide the best healthcare advice. Moreover, the best will be done to treat the patients and steps will be taken to help and assist them.

Emergency care

Our emergency care unit operates 24x7 to serve people at the right time with a right team. We have highly equipped ambulance with highly experienced and qualified nurses to handle and attend sudden emergency cases.

Laboratory tests

We have well -equipped labs to carry on all the tests required for ensuring your wellness and testing the status of your well-being. We have lab assistants and highly qualified microbiologists to accurately test and produce reports on time.


With highly specialised IVF experts and embryologists provide Sai hospital’s fertility center has been providing IVF treatment and care at high success rate. Our IVF Lab is well equipped with cutting-edge technology aimed to reach success with every IVF implantation.


Sai Hospital has an exclusive pharmacy in order to provide a hassle-free healthcare experience to patients. Our pharmacy is regularly updated and restocked to provide all the necessary medications without fail.


Our well-qualified doctors and internationally certified physicians strive hard to provide the best service through timely consultation. Our medical staffs and non-medical staffs work in great coordination to provide you with the best healthcare service.

Intensive care

Our highly specialized intensive care unit is highly functional to serve you at the right time; we have cutting edge technology and ultra-modern procedure support equipment’s to make our services more patients friendly and effective.

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